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(Credit: Manchester Orchestra)


Manchester Orchestra share new song 'Keel Timing'


Manchester Orchestra have shared the funky second single for their new album The Million Masks of God with ‘Keel Timing’.

Serving as a sort of precursor to the following song on the album, first single ‘Bed Head,’ ‘Keel Timing’ is a propulsive rock track with slinky guitars and some fascinating dynamic shifts.

“‘Keel Timing’ serves as a prequel to ‘Bed Head’,” says singer Andy Hull. “It’s an isolated internal investigation about personal growth. Trying to decide what growth is positive and what growth is negative. And where do we land after that investigation.”

The band’s new album is set for an April 30th release. It will be the group’s sixth full-length release and the first since 2017’s A Black Mile to the Surface. Formed not in the U.K. but rather in a small Georgian town in the southern United States, Manchester Orchestra has an eclectic sound that fuses the rougher edges of punk rock and emo with the softer sounds of folk and dream pop.

‘Keel Timing’ works as another evolution for the group, now integrating dance rhythms into the band’s sound. It’s not so much a departure as it is an additional weapon in the band’s ever-expanding arsenal of sounds and styles. From a group that’s as comfortable using fuzz guitars as they are working solely with a cappella vocals, as they did for their contributions to the soundtrack of the 2016 film Swiss Army Man, it only seems like disco-esque funk-rock is the logical next step. Maybe the next album will be a jazz record, who knows?

Check out the video for ‘Keel Timing,’ as well as the track listing for The Million Masks of God, down below.

The Million Masks Of God tracklisting:

1. Inaudible
2. Angel Of Death
3. Keel Timing
4. Bed Head
5. Annie
6. Telepath
7. Let It Storm
8. Dinosaur

9. Obstacle

10. Way Back

11. The Internet