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Manchester band Former Bullies share new single 'Don't Ask Many Questions'


Manchester band Former Bullies share new single 'Don't Ask Many Questions'


Former Bullies have released new song ‘Don’t Ask Many Questions’ which will be part of the band’s forthcoming album Stranger.

Knocking about Greater Manchester for the better part of a decade, Former Bullies have meandered somewhat under the radar outside Lancashire as the pace of their recorded output moves slightly slower in comparison to some of the more prolific guitar bands coming out of the very same city.

I’ve got to say, i’ve been waiting a what feels like a very long time for some new music from this band. In fact, ever since the good people of Only Joking Records chose Former Bullies to open their ‘Manchester Standards’ compilation vinyl – a nod of the head to the respect this band possess in the place they call home.

With a history of keeping things simple, sparse arrangements of instantaneous pop tunes that spring immediately into life and scurry off over the horizon before you know what’s hit you.

This approach is continued for the most part on Stranger, with only small dabblings in their home studio augmentation – a healthy dose of grainy tape echo is complemented by drummer Tom Settle sparingly adding lush guitar chords to enrich plaintive verses with washes of colour following singer Nick Ainswort’s lead.

The press release reels off bands that might sound like Former Bullies; Skip Spence, Michael Yonkers, Ultimate Painting, Woods… White Fence but it’s bollocks. Former Bullies sound like Former Bullies.

Some of us remember their sound even if they’re too fucking slow to put new records out. That said, it’s worth the wait.

Former Bullies are Nick Ainsworth (guitar, vocals), Matthew Taylor (bass guitar), and Tom Settle (drums, guitar, vocals).