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Malcolm Middleton & David Shrigley unveil disturbing children’s parody ‘Story Time’

Glasgow singer-songwriter Malcolm Middleton and his collaborator David Shrigley have unveiled the first track from their upcoming album Music and Words.

The record sees lyrics by Shrigley put together with a soundtrack written by the perpetually bleak Middleton and ‘Story Time’ is an offering that will no doubt polarise opinion.

Set to an eerie background of guitar, actress Bridget McCann tells a tale that starts out as an innocent children’s story, before being mutated into a bloodthirsty kind of hell-on-earth, describing foul-mouthed images of countryside animals ripping each other apart and succumbing to disease.

It’s the kind of juxtaposed territory Middleton hasn’t been scared to tread before, anyone remember his 2007 assault on the Christmas number one spot with ‘We’re all going to die’?

Beyond all the morbid darkness though, there is always a spot of humour and wry smile that seems to poke through, meaning Music and Words should hopefully make for an interesting listen when it released on December 15th by Melodic.

Patrick Davies