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Make pancakes with Loyle Carner in ‘Florence’


You might be wondering what it would be like to cook pancakes with one of London’s hottest spoken-word rappers, Loyle Carner, would be like? Well, you needn’t worry now because Carner along with the help of Kwes have done just that for single ‘Florence’.

It makes sense to have such a ‘normal’ activity be the forefront of such an honest and emotionally charged song. During normality and everyday life is when we find these emotions bubbling across our hearts.

Carner mirrors this with his veracious and bouncing delivery. It’s touching in its conception and delivery but more importantly in its authenticity.

Take a look at the video but really listen to Carner’s lyrics. He is proving to be a social commentator, as yet unparalleled, for the average joe.