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(Credit: Andy Witcher)

Maggie Rogers gives fan who shouted "take your top off" a dressing down


Maggie Rogers, the artist who shot to fame following a very special encounter with Pharrel, has sadly had to respond to a fan shouting “take your top off” at her recent show. The singer has explained how it made her feel in a statement on social media.

On October 19th, Rogers was performing at the Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas as part of ACL Live when a fan, during her very intimate acoustic encore of the song which saw Pharrel stop in his tracks ‘Alaska’, shouted “take your top off” before another joined in saying “you cute though”.

In response to the behaviour, Rogers wrote: “I was stunned. furious. fuming. confused. and also – on a really basic level – it really hurt my feelings.”

She continued, “I step on stage every night and together, we create a safe space to amplify each other. to allow relief. to allow release. there’s a deep amount of trust there.

“I step on stage every night with a deep reverence for the stage, my craft, and the privilege that is making music for my job. i’ve been writing and producing music for 10 years – my body is my greatest tool for communicating that work.”

Rogers firms her point in her conclusion: “i want to use this moment to be very very clear. there is no space for harassment or disrespect or degradation of any kind at my show. be kind to each other out there.”