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Maggie Rogers finally shares video for ‘Alaska’


This summer the world caught wind of something very special courtesy of a one very large hatted man by the name of Pharrell. It was his delight and declaration of a “singular” sound that brought Maryland born artist Maggie Rogers to the attention of the world with her song ‘Alaska’. His disbelief at her complete control over a new sound shocked him when he arrived for a masterclass at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU.

Now we have a video to treat our eyes as well as our ears. It involves cold forest scenes, dance moves to make Lorde look like Michael Flatley, and a neon-lit rave. What more could you want?

The song is a special sound which mixes Rogers’ origins in folk with her new love of synthetic beats and with it comes one of the most endearing, vulnerable and outright encapsulating songs of the year. She manages to convey emotions that have seemed untouchable with every holistic note. Marrying the nature of our surroundings with the manmade world we impose on it.

This sentiment is mirrored in the video and with it perhaps we will see the birth of a fully-fledged star in Rogers, but most importantly we can see the work of someone pure and something untouched even with all the clawing nails at the door.

It’s just a bit lovely.