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(Credit: Natalie Osborne)


Madi Diaz and Angel Olsen share 'Forever (New Feelings Version)'


American singer-songwriter Madi Diaz has teamed up with indie rocker Angel Olsen for a new version of Diaz’s song ‘Forever’.

The original version of the track appeared on Diaz’s 2021 album History of a Feeling, but the fresh ‘New Feelings Verison’ is part of a recently-released EP titled Same History, New Feelings. That four-song record finds Diaz teaming up with some of her folky peers, including Waxahatchee, Natalie Hemby, and Courtney Marie Andrews. Diaz also teams up with Angel Olsen on the revamped version of ‘Forever’.

“I’ve been listening as a fan to these four women for quite awhile now,” Diaz shared in a statement. “I’m honored to call them my friends and to have their voices singing these songs with me is something that I still can’t quite fathom. I’m so thankful for their artistry and their stories giving these songs a whole new world and a whole new life. To share this earth and make music with them in this lifetime is a treasure and a gift from beyond the beyond.”

The languid piano ballad is the kind of tune that Diaz excels at. The original version of the track was more explicitly folk/country-adjacent, featuring strummed acoustic guitar and some light instrumental backing. Here, it’s just a piano, Diaz, and Olsen, harmonising like they’ve been singing together for decades.

Olsen is getting a bit collaboration-crazy these days. Of course, there was the team up with Sharon Van Etten last year on ‘Like I Used To’, a song that landed as Far Out’s number one song of the year. But Olsen hasn’t stopped there – she and Van Etten are going on the road together, complete with fellow singer-songwriter Julien Baker.

Olsen is also familiar with remaining songs – her last release was an EP that saw her do her own spin on some familiar 1980s tracks, Aisles. All told, Olsen seems a little less interested in pushing her songwriting career right now and instead just laying back and having fun with the people she likes.

Check out the new version of ‘Forever’ down below.