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Macaulay Culkin brings back Kevin McAllister by recreating classic 'Home Alone' scenes


Christmas has officially arrived. Macaulay Culkin, riding through the snow like Santa himself, has given us all an early gift by bringing back everybody’s favourite menace Kevin McAllister. 

Sadly, I have to report that not everything is as pure as an eight-year-old Kevin in 1990. Mr Culkin has teamed up with Google to pocket himself some timely extra Christmas spending money for the humorous clip. But hey, let’s just ignore that fact and enjoy it for what it is, shall we? 

The skit depicts a grown up Kevin who, believe it or not, is left home alone. This time though, despite being an adult, he still runs through the activities we’ve grown to love like shaving, watching Angels With Filthy Souls and ordering that cheese pizza all for himself. 

Here’s the clip, let’s see if you can spot the modern updates… drop some comments down below.