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Credit: Brick Stowell

Mac Miller's drug dealer pleads 'not guilty' over rapper's death

A drug dealer who was in court, connected to the death of Pittsburgh rapper, the late Mac Miller has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charge of supplying Miller with counterfeit drugs.

Last week saw three men formally charged in connection with the death of Miller. The rapper, whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, died following taking counterfeit drug oxycodone which had been laced with a cheaper but far more dangerous drug called fentanyl.

His death in September of last year was ruled as an accidental overdose but has seen an outpouring of emotion and anger towards the three suspects Cameron Pettit, Stephen Walter and Ryan Reavis, who were all arrested last year.

They were charged by federal prosecutors in California with the distribution of fentanyl resulting in death and conspiring to distribute controlled substances that resulted in death.

The court documents suggest that Pettit had been supplying Mac with drugs for a number of months, and is being charged with supplying the narcotics which eventually led to Miller’s death. If convicted the minimum sentence for this charge will be 20 years of jail time