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Credit: Coley Brown


Mac DeMarco announces two new demo albums


Mac DeMarco has announced the impending release of two new demo albums; Here Comes the Cowboy Demos and Other Here Comes the Cowboy Demos.

The indie musician was planning to release the first of his new offering as part of the planned 2020 Record Store Day but the event has been postponed until June 20th amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now though, both demo albums will be released on June 19th through DeMarco’s very own record label.

The names of the albums are pretty self explanatory. Here Comes the Cowboy Demos is made up of demo versions of the original tracks off of DeMarco’s fourth full-length Here Come the Cowboy: “Simple. Straightforward. A quality release,” the musician said in the announcement.

The second album, Other Here Comes the Cowboy Demos, is a collection of alternate and unreleased tracks. This record will be released exclusively in anticipation of the new Record Store Day, which, as aforementioned, is now taking place on June 20th, 2020.

See the imagery around the records, below.