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(Credit: Mac DeMarco)


Mac Demarco releases 'The Way You'd Love Her'


Mac Demarco may just be our favourite artist to have come out over the last four or five years. Following on from the incredible 2 was the equally astounding and cultured Salad Days. Now, we have the first release from his forthcoming mini-LP Another One the gentle-smiling shuffle of ‘the Way You’d Love Her’. It’s our Track of the Day.

Demarco is known for his slacker-rock style but following on from his quick-fire albums is his impressive touring schedule which never seems to stop. Slacker may be a little harsh then, but one thing is for sure he is a master of his work.

Nobody lays down a gentile but groove-filled lick like Demarco ‘The Way You’d Love Her’ is testament to that.

The juxtaposition of the slightly downbeat lyrics and the reggae-infused upstroke of Demarco’s lead line add to his complexity and the nature of his work, as it combines these human oppositions, continues to wow us.

Another One is going to be a hit, we can smell it in the sweet, stinking summer air.