Mac DeMarco shares new virtual reality music video for ‘This Old Dog’

Mac DeMarco shares new virtual reality music video for ‘This Old Dog’.

Multimedia artist Rachel Rossin created the visual was produced by Pitchfork in collaboration with virtual reality company Inception, inviting DeMarco’s personality into the world of first-generation CGI – a terrifying prospect.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Mac opted to go down the route of 90’s video game graphics for the new project for ‘This Old Dog’, the lead single from his most recent album.

It’s pretty trippy, you can watch it here:

Elsewhere Mac DeMarco has described the loving relationship he has with his guitar in a new episode for the ‘String Theory’ series.

In the most recent video with Ernie Ball, DeMarco discuss how he first came to picking up and instrument and the songs that led him to honing his skills on the guitar: “I learned like, ‘Smoke on the Water’ on just the low E string,” he said.

Picking up the instrument when he was around 14, the Salad Days singer explained how learning songs by The Beatles in full helped him stay committed to his practice.

Watch the episode in full, here:


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