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Mac DeMarco releases cover of ‘Honey Moon’ by Haruomi Hosono


Mac DeMarco has decided to officially release his cover version of ‘Honey Moon’.

Far Out previously shared a clip of the DeMarco’s cover when a snippet was streamed live during his studio sessions via the secret YouTube channel called CAM TONY.

During those sessions, DeMarco put together a rendition of ‘Honey Moon’ by Japanese Haruomi Hosono. Since, however, the version has been removed from streaming service until now.

Check it out:

Meanwhile, DeMarco recently explained how he is not in a rush to release a follow-up to last year’s album This Old Dog when discussing the potential new material with Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1.

“I’m always writing and recording little things all over the place – nothing cohesive like a project or anything but yeah it’s my hobby,” DeMarco explained.

“I’ll wake up, head to the garage and just toot around for most of the day…I mean I always have some songs – I don’t really know if they’d make an album.”

“I’m just happy to write stuff and in the past it was always like, ‘I’ve got a month between this year of touring and next year of touring so I’m going to make an album right now!’. I could still schedule my tours like that still but I think then I’d be in worse repair then I already am!”

“I’m just taking it a little breezy. I’ll have music soon, I don’t know what it’ll be like.”