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(Credit: Coley Brown)


Revisit Mac DeMarco's cover of Paul McCartney song ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’

We’re taking a festive trip back into the Far Out vault to revisit Mac DeMarco’s very merry cover of Paul McCartney‘s Christmas classic ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’.

The song, which was originally recorded by McCartney in 1980 as part of sessions for his solo album McCartney II, was originally met by strong criticism but has since emerged as a staple of the festive season.

The track was eventually released by McCartney in November 1979, a project which arrived shortly after the final Wings, Back to the Egg, which was released the very same year. It was McCartney’s first solo single since Wings formed. Macca, seemingly targeting the extremely profitable Christmas classic sales market, hit the target and continues to enjoy mass royalty income from the track. “The song is what we in the industry call an evergreen, because it gets played all the time,” entertainment attorney Bernie Resnick told Forbes.  [McCartney’s] publishing royalty check every fourth quarter probably has a lot of zeros on the end,” he added before speculating that the track earns the Beatle between $400,000-$600,000 every year.

While he won’t get the same amount of financial gains, DeMarco, a well known fan of McCartney and the Beatles, decided to put his own spin on the classic to get himself in the Christmas mood. The track is accompanied by the comical artwork that features an illustration of Mac and McCartney on a sofa together, with the caption: “It was a Christmas miracle. We had become one, we melded.”

He added: “Paul’s thoughts became mine and mine became his. Flies had gathered to feed on all the beauty of Christmas that seeped from our pores.”

Stream the song, below.