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Credit: Eternal Family


Mac DeMarco launches surreal new web series


Mac DeMarco has launched his new web series, Advanced Studio Recording Techniques, which is available exclusively on the brand new streaming service ‘Eternal Family’.

In the first episode, entitled ‘Building an Echo Chamber’, DeMarco teaches viewers how to transform a spare room in a home into an echo chamber and expands on what we can expect from the series as he talks about transforming an acoustic space in “a few simple steps” on the trailer. It’s vital to note that DeMarco’s character inexplicably has a face covered in vaseline.

Advanced Studio Recording Techniques is one of many new independent web shows hosted by the brand new streaming service Eternal Family. Another one of their shows is hosted by fellow LA-based musician Jerry Paper who is bringing his equally surreal sounding ‘Jerry Paper Teaches’ series to the platform.

DeMarco collaborator and director, Cole Kush, announced the new service on Instagram: “Hello friends. I really hope you are feeling OK out there. I want to share a project I’ve been working on for many months with a group of artists that I love. It is called ‘Eternal Family’ – – an artist-run video membership experience and a place to try out new ideas, whether for ‘laughing’ or for ‘education’ or ‘inspiration’. It costs $5/month for unlimited access & no ads. 60% of the monthly revenue goes to our creators and the rest to operations & funds to create and license more interesting things. You can cancel anytime if you do NOT enjoy this service.”

Adding: “The goal is to create stable income and a place to try out ideas that can be self-produced and perhaps hard to pitch. More monthly users = more funds to create more shows and add apps for mobile & TV.”

With the formalities out the way, check out the trailer below.