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Mac DeMarco: "I'm essentially a walking, talking meme but social media freaks me out"


Mac DeMarco, in typical Mac DeMarco style, is taking all his success in his slowed down and relaxed stride.

Feverishly labeled the goofy prankster with a personality to make even the most sour of rock and roll critics smile, DeMarco has opened up in a recent interview with the Irish News in the wake of a successful third album release and sold out shows at London’s Brixton Academy.

The 27-year-old addresses the mixed up world of social media and the effect it is having on his committed young fans.

“People say I’m crazy or goofy or whatever,” he says, “It’s there, it’s totally there and people seem to like it and if they want to hone in on it that’s fine with me, that’s great.

“It’s not up to me anymore. I’m essentially a walking, talking meme so people can call me whatever they want, it doesn’t matter. Like my songs they are out there, they aren’t mine anymore. And this persona is no longer mine now.”

With an online presence that is as fun and laid back as his on-stage demeanour, the Canadian offered a glimpse into his childhood past and a gentle awareness of how children today face different social situations.

“When I was a kid I really loved computers and I liked the programming and I was in some online communities so I understood what it used to be in a way but it changed at some point,” he added.

“People are just archiving their entire lives which is entirely fine, but the parts that freak me out are where social media PR companies are tricking kids into selling things for them without them even knowing.

“And there is so much weight and importance on something as stupid as a like. Quantifying how cool because 50 people liked this. It’s a f***** up way of twisting a person’s brain around.”