Mac DeMarco goes full Mac DeMarco will performing 'One More Love Song' live on Fallon


In what would be considered a hugely pressured live performance on one of America’s leading TV host shows to most bands, Mac DeMarco took the weight of playing The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon in his usual giggling, cackling and care-free style on Friday night.

Announcing the slowed down version of himself to the big stage, DeMarco performed ‘One More Love Song’ from his latest album, This Old Dog.

Fallon, sat excitably behind his desk while looking down the camera with a copy of DeMarco’s vinyl record in his hand, announced: “I’m telling you, this is going to win some awards” before pannning across to the man himself donning a Mac DeMarco t-shirt tucked into his jeans as he swayed around the stage tossing the mic between his hands.

A giggle here, a cackle there, ‘One More Love Song’ everywhere: