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Mac DeMarco gets special vinyl reissue for Captured Tracks' 10th anniversary


Mac DeMarco will see ‘2 Demos’ and ‘Salad Days Demos’ repressed to celebrate Captured Tracks’ 10 anniversary.

Originally released in 2014, 2 Demos and Salad Days Demos are full of “demos and sketches,” offering “a rare insight into Mac’s world and process.” Each collection features several previously unreleased instrumentals, including 2’s ‘My Kind of Woman’ and Salad Days’ ‘Pepperoni Playboy’.

Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of DeMarco’s label Captured Tracks, the American, Brooklyn-based, independent record label will put out some repressed versions.

2 Demos Tracklist:
01. Cooking Up Something Good
02. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
03. Dreamin’ Slow
04. Lonely Shredder
05. Robson Girl
06. Annie
07. Harrison Ford Escort
08. Sherrill
09. My Kind of Woman (Instrumental)
10. Dreamin’ Fast

Salad Days Demos Tracklist:
01. Goodbye Weekend
02. Salad Days
03. Ken The Wolf Boy
04. Passing Out Pieces Of Me
05. Organ Ronald Donkey Water
06. Let My Baby Stay
07. Pepperoni Playboy
08. Brother
09. Potato Boy
10. Go Easy
11. Horse Hot Wee Wee Water
12. Blue Boy
13. Sloopy Lau Lau
14. Avocado Andrew