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(Credit: Mac DeMarco)

Mac DeMarco reveals one of his favourite songs on new album 'Here Comes the Cowboy'


Mac DeMarco is preparing to release his new album Here Comes the Cowboy, a record that signifies the next step in his ever-expanding creativity.

Having already asserted the fact that the new material is “not a country record”, DeMarco has been teasing his own opinion on the direction he has allowed himself to flow on the new album.

“The last one was very literally like, ‘Hey, everybody, I have daddy issues,’” he says in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “This one feels even more emotional to me. Like I’m pumping my lungs out.”

DeMarco has been drip-feeding his fans tasters of the new album, releasing the lead single ‘Nobody’ and then following that up with a performance of  ‘All Of Our Yesterdays’ live on Fallon. To keep up with the new releases, the 29-year-old released the trippy new video for ‘On The Square’ as the album closes in on its May 10th release date.

Despite having shared the three aforementioned new tracks, DeMarco was quick to point out ‘Finally Alone’ as a significant moment on the new album. “It’s a cute little Postman Pat–sounding song,” he continued in the same Rolling Stone feature. “The lyrics are cute, as well — some girl that wants to imagine the grass always being greener, and she tries, and it isn’t, so she has to keep going.

“That’s kind of what I’ve done in my life for the last 10 years or so. Can’t seem to settle down anywhere for more than three years.”