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Mac DeMarco explains his guitar pedals in painfully awkward interview | Watch


Mac DeMarco, ever the willing interviewee, welcomed a chap named Billy Cardigan on stage before one of his shows to run through his guitar pedals.

While DeMarco explains how he uses his Boss Tuner, Vibrato and MXR Carbon Copy Delay and TC Electronic HOF, the indie rocker continues to play along with the interviewer’s comedic routine in painfully awkward fashion. Repeated jokes of DeMarco making weak rock music, DeMarco being very wealthy along with quips about his Canadian accent flow effortlessly from Mr Cardigan’s sloppy repertoire.

Quick question: ‘How many times is too many times to say the word ‘cool’ in an interview?’

Answer: Ask Billy Cardigan.

Listen we get it, the irony is painted on as thick as the awkward tension that encompasses the two of them and, of course, this style has become the interviewer’s stand up routine so it’s all good.

With all things said and done, it’s interesting to hear DeMarco’s working’s on stage.

If you can survive the nine minutes of awkward tension, enjoy: