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Mac DeMarco confirms that his new album has been leaked on LimeWire


Mac DeMarco revealed that his new album This Old Dog has been leaked on LimeWire.

The record, which was scheduled to be released on May 5th through Captured Tracks, has found its way on to the internet just days after DeMarco shared new song ‘On The Level’.

Speaking during his performance at Coachella Festival at the weekend, DeMarco confirmed a LimeWire (this shit is still running? Who knew.) user as the culprit.

“We’re gonna play a song that we’ve only played twice before,” he said before performing ‘On The Level’.

“It’s a new song, came out a couple days ago — but you know what? The album leaked yesterday, so I don’t give a shit anymore! Download it! PirateBay,, SoulSeek, Napster, LimeWire, Kazaa…Just get it.”