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Credit: Coley Brown


Mac DeMarco confirms work on a new album

Canadian indie maestro Mac DeMarco has revealed that he is currently working on a new album. His last LP came in the form of 2019’s Here Comes The Cowboy, and since then, he’s released two collections of demos Here Comes The Cowboy Demos and Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos.

“I’m working on a record,” said in a new interview with NME. “I’m in New York. Am I working on it in New York? Maybe a little bit, some. Just in New York? Naw, I don’t think so. But I’m here now.”

DeMarco also clarified that although he’s working on the “so-called record”, he’s mainly focused on “living a happy life, and it’s working”, telling the interviewer, Vicky Farewell, that he’s in part of his life where he is “reteaching myself how to rock and roll”.

Given that DeMarco‘s revelation about the new album is exciting, Farewell was lucky enough to be given a preview of its sound. DeMarco said: “Sounds like, you guys seen Return Of The Jedi? You know the Ewok Village? Sounds like that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the pair discussed their favourite musicians of all time, their experiences at shows, and common misconceptions. For any fans of Mac DeMarco, it’s a great chance to catch up with him and see where he’s at currently, and it’s good to know that he’s doing well. 

Interestingly, Farewell is the newest signee to DeMarco’s record company, Mac’s Record Label. They were first introduced by a mutual friend at the Candian musician’s converted backyard studio at his home in Los Angeles. In the interview, he recalled the meeting, saying that Farewell wowed him with her skill on his keyboard, a Yamaha CS-60. “I was like, ‘Oh, you’re pretty good at that’,” he said on reflection.

As for DeMarco‘s new album, we don’t know what to expect. His last effort, Here Comes The Cowboy, wasn’t as well recieved as his previous efforts, and at the time, his sound felt overdone. We hope that whenever the new record is released, it’s a return to form, and he brings a fresh twist to his sound.

Listen to Mac DeMarco’s ‘Ode to Viceroy’ below.

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