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Mac DeMarco collaborates with Melanie Faye on new track 'Eternally 12'


Mac DeMarco has joined forces with Nashville-based musician Melanie Faye.

Faye, who has earned plenty of plaudits since the likes of SZA picked her up on social media, has surged in popularity and has seen her online videos become a huge hit. In one of the aforementioned clips, Faye can be seen giving Beyonce’s lead guitarist, Bibi McGill, a guitar lesson.

It’s through social media Faye has reached out to a demographic that have returned in somewhat of a cult following, you may have even noticed her when Willow Smith drew a picture of her and published it on on Instagram.

It’s stories like these that has seen Faye enter a new dawn of popular music personalities. In somewhat fitting sense, she explained how she came to learn an instrument that has managed to appeal to so many young people: “I didn’t really grow up listening to rock music or guitar music, but I just discovered it through Guitar Hero,” she said in an interview with These Days.

It should come as little surprise then that Faye, armed with her cult following and laid back persona, would hook up with Mac DeMarco to lay down a woozy R&B number while chilling around a fire with alien masks on… should it?

Well that happened… and this is what it looks and sounds like: