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M. Night Shyamalan explains the ending to his new movie ‘Old’

M. Night Shyamalan, the man who has more twists in his locker than a contortionist with a penchant for Curly Wurly’s, returned with another horror-thriller this month.

His latest outing, which follows a career-long style of taking a nine-year-old boy’s English homework and adapting it with a cinematic R15 treatment, has been topping box offices and leaving audiences scratching their heads.

In an interview with NMEthe famed director addressed the ending to Old that has confused many audience members and critics alike. “The structure of the movie was always this way,” Shyamalan explained. “The ‘why they’re there on the beach’ it was always there in my head from the go, when I first read the graphic novel.”

Later adding, “There’s a couple of frames in the graphic novel that in my mind insinuated this,” said Shyamalan. “That’s where my imagination went. That’s when I decided that I was going to make the movie because I knew what was going on.”

In fairness, it’s not quite what you’d call a detailed explanation. In the end, he brushed over the diegesis, and he delineated the true message of his movie beyond the twisted plot, stating: “In my opinion, it’s to do with our dysfunctional relationship with time that we all have until we’re forced to examine it. Whether it’s the pandemic or the situation for these characters.”

Now, all we can do is patiently await his next popcorn classic, Labour of Love, that follows the poignant tale of a widower who walks the length of an entire country to prove his undying love.