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M.I.A. unleashes scorning ‘Borders’ to light a flame


M.I.A Can be a divisive character but whatever your take on the Bangarang star she can make a banger better than Richmond sausages. ‘Borders’ goes one further and removes the hyped lyrics and faux-ghetto style to unleash what M.I.A was born to do, uniting people under one big ass beat. Got to be Track of the Day right?

Centred around the separation that man-made lines in the sand can have, with a special focus on the refugee crisis, the singer manages to transcend political babble or self-righteous artistry with one simple phrase uttered at the end of some serious topics “… what’s up with that?”.

When put so simply it feels hard to ignore. And the singer, who has had her fair share of controversy with politics seems to finally be finding her feet with this latest song.

A political message delivered without guise or circumstance but mainly, after all this is what we want from her, it’s set over a big beat which slams us in to Friday night with big fat smiles on our faces.