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(Credit: Coup d'Oreille)


M.I.A. releases new song 'Babylon' as NFT


British rapper M.I.A. has announced the release of a brand new single, ‘Babylon’, as a non-fungible token.

Like any good trend chaser, M.I.A. has keyed into the hot commodity that is the NFT market and is looking to jump on the novelty bandwagon while it’s still in vogue. All proceeds from the song’s sale will go to, and organisation that sets up protection and support systems for whistleblowers around the world.

‘Babylon’ isn’t the only official piece of M.I.A. media you can bid on. Also on the block is the 2010 mixtape Vicki Leekx, with various digital artworks from the artist also up for purchase.

If you want to be the exclusive owner of ‘Babylon’, the official rights to the song can be yours for the low-low price of $47,344.44. At least, that’s the list price right now. Five pieces of media have already been sold, with a picture of M.I.A. uploading the original mixtape going for $1,300.

The 2020s could very well see the revival of M.I.A. after having scored her first American number one hit as a featured artist on Travis Scott’s ‘Franchise’, the musician has already announced a new album entitled MATA. It would be her sixth album overall and her first since 2016’s AIM. She is also set to headline the Just Like Heaven festival in 2022 alongside Interpol, The Shins, and Modest Mouse.

Check out the official video for ‘Babylon’ down below. If you’re interested in bidding on the song’s NFT, you can find it here.