Luxury tented eco-retreat opens deep within the Cambodian jungle

Shinta Mani Wild, the latest offering from the Bensley Collection, has debud deep in the Cambodian jungle.

Nestling exquisitely within the South Cardamom National Park, around three hours’ drive south of Phnom Penh, the new tented hotel offers a perfect blend of luxury living in alongside ultimate wildlife. Upon arrival, guests are more than aware of their surroundings, flowing through the rapids by using 320m zipline which lands straight into the Landing Zone Bar – a perfect start to what is to come.

Described by Bensley as a “utopia of sustainability”, Shinta Mani Wild offers 14 one-bedroom tents and one two-bedroom tent which have been designed to live among the nature. According to a press release, the hotel has been designed to evoke Bensley’s vision of what it might have been like to be on luxury safari in the jungles of Cambodia with Jacky O’, who travelled throughout the kingdom with king Sihanouk in 1967.

The spa, which comes as part of a built in package, uses chemical-free Khmer Tonics treatments to remain true the eco-friendly ethos. Arguably the standout treatment comes in the shape of a river-stone foot massage while soaking in a waterfall pool.

The restaurant menu is ever-changing availabilities of the surroundings. Sustainably foraged wild edible plants and guidance from camp’s naturalist experts help inspire the choices.

Here’s what it looks like: