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Credit: Lucy Dacus


Listen to Lucy Dacus take on Snow Patrol song 'Chasing Cars'

Ahead of the release of her third studio album Home Video, American indie rock artist Lucy Dacus has shared a new cover of Snow Patrol’s unkillable slow dance hit ‘Chasing Cars’.

Appearing on the SiriusXMU Sessions show, Dacus stays faithful to the plucked guitar lines of the original while adding some of her own spacey synthesizer effects. Played in the same key and largely without major changes, Dacus pays tribute to the Scottish band’s yearning and contentment of true love being able to block out the rest of the world.

The old cynical bum in my heart would usually turn his nose up at this. ‘Chasing Cars’ isn’t a bad song, but I would ideally prefer to never hear it again in my life. Overplayed, overly sentimental, and complete with quite a bit of cheese, ‘Chasing Cars’ was bound to curdle even if it had only been a minor hit all the way back in 2006.

Instead, it’s still getting crammed into trailers and throwback playlists and prom soundtracks and will likely do so until the end of time. 15 years on, and the song hasn’t lost any momentum or popularity.

But Dacus’ cover clearly comes from a place of love. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to her nostalgia-filled new album, but Dacus’ cover resonated in the same part of my brain that still has a fondness for the original song’s sensitive bray. This was clearly a song that played at a key moment in Dacus’ life, and ‘Chasing Cars’ still has the power to knock you on your ass and make you cry ugly tears once in a while, even if you roll your eyes at it 95 per cent of the time. Dacus channels that pure five per cent in her cover.

Check out Dacus’ cover of ‘Chasing Cars’ down below. Home Video is out June 25.