Lucius - Until We Get There


Rejoice! Far Out has a piece of pop-tastic, country slanted, diamond coated joy to help you push through this most awful of weekdays. Lucius fronted by two identical looking ladies with enough Wonderland glamour to set Shoreditch salivating and backed by three moustachioed gents to complete the scenester set, have brought us 60’s styled luscious licks with their track Until We Get There. It’s our track Of The Day.

Jesse Wolfe and Holly Laessig the two aforementioned ladies, provide a mirror of each other in style, tone and vocal performance, laden with Ronnettes harmonies, backed by Dan Molad on drums, Peter Lalish on guitar and Andrew Burri on rhythm. Lucius produce pop filled tunes with enough hooks to scare Peter Pan.

The two ladies met at Berklee College of Music and share management and have indeed performed with Wilco, when you add these credentials to their exuberant style and doo-wop inspired sound all this makes for an extremely interesting prospect. Something we in the UK have missed as of yet, but the Americans have been all over Lucius like the proverbial rash. Already featured in Rolling Stone, Vogue and any other publication that could have them, Lucius look set to become the new Haim.

That last comment may put you off, you may not be able to connect so much with a sun-drenched trio of sisters from L.A; well Lucius are a little less sweaty and 100% more immaculate in sound, production and performance. They bring back memories of melodic Arcade fire and drip between Pierces and some more authentic 60’s pop dragged into the modern colour block world. They are fun, fruitful and bound to give your Tuesday a little tuneful sunshine to break the grey. And with their album Wildewoman out on 31st March they could be the light we crave until Spring rears it’s head.


Jack Whatley