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Lucern Raze treat us to 'Happy Astray'

The always exciting Lucern Raze have announced their new EP with a storming new track called ‘Happy Astray’. The track comes just a week ahead of the EP release on the one of our favourite labels PNKSLM Recordings on 18th September. Judging by this lead track we are in for a right treat.

When we first heard Lucern Raze they tore us a new lughole with their incredibly raw sound. It ripped and tugged at every open piece of skin. ‘Happy Astray’ takes a more cultured approach and adds a little shine to their inherent grit.

It’s full of hooks that could hang your grandmother whilst the vocals remain on point amid a clashing of raucous strings and steady rhtyhm. It shows a band entirely comfortable with their position. And why the fuck not? It looks a pretty comfy one from here.