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(Credit: LT Wade)


LT Wade shares new song 'Side By Side'


LT Wade, the solo project of former FURS founding member Liam Wade, has released his latest single ‘Side By Side’.

The track, taken from Wade Requiem For The American Dream, Wade’s forthcoming second full length studio record, was recorded between London and his home studio in New York City. Teaming up once again with longtime collaborators Olly Betts and Grant Zubritsky, the new album also features guest appearances from the likes of FURS lead singer Elle Wade, Black Wire’s Si McCabe and Tim Davis.

According to a press release, Requiem For The American Dream offers a social commentary on the death of the ‘American Dream’. Wade created a record full of meaning and truths wrapped in the analogue sonics of 70s record production and, according to the musician, “a non-stop narrative of the times we live in and the troubles we face as a society.”

“Side By Side is one of my personal favourites from the new album,” Wade told Sun Genre. “It was one of the early compositions and helped shape the overall concept for the album. I wrote the music first and the vocal approach was a curious way for me to tell the story and lock in the theme of the album. I’ve used different voices on this record to represent different characters in my story.”

“I consider this on the more experimental side of my music. I played with the boundaries of what is considered normal for me to sound like as an artist, coming from a rock ‘n’ roll background. It’s a bold sound and I’m glad that I found a way to present it in a way that I hope the listener will find compelling.”

Stream Far Out’s track of the day, below.