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Loyle Carner gives us the new video for ‘Stars and Shards’


Ok. We admit it. We dropped the ball on this one. Normally whenever the South London wordsmith and firm Far Out Favourite Loyle Carner so much as coughs in to a mic you can be sure to see the results on Far Out Magazine. Apologies then that it has taken us so long to bring you the illustrated video for ‘Stars and Shard’.

A veracious and viciously astute track ‘Stars and Shards’ is gently complimented by the mainly illustrated video. The story may seem very dark but the drawings and vibe of the video add a lightness which is duly welcomed. Spliced with simple performance it speaks to Carner’s ethics.

Nothing flashy. Just calm, collected and culturally relevant work. Nothing conceived for anything else other than the story. It’s inspiring work.