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(Credit: Louis Tomlinson)


Louis Tomlinson opens up about "shock" One Direction breakup: "It definitely wasn’t my choice"


This Friday will see Far Out Magazine release our exclusive interview with Louis Tomlinson. In it, he discusses all things from his upcoming album Walls, to why he now feels comfortable with life as a solo artist and his honest thoughts about the split of his former band One Direction and more.

In the final preview of the full feature, we talk to Tomlinson about how he felt during the time of the break-up and how the singer adjusted from performing sold-out stadiums across the world as part of one of the biggest boybands on the planet, to reverting back to a more ‘normal’ existence.

The ‘indefinite hiatus’ of One Direction was announced at the start of 2016 shortly after the band valiantly completed their turbulent world tour, a string of dates which saw founding member Zayn Malik quit in the March of the previous year.

The break was initially thought to be just that ‘a break’, but nearly four years after the announcement there are still no signs that the group are entertaining ideas of reuniting anytime soon. With Louis Tomlinson set to release his debut album in January, Liam Payne’s debut LP1 out next month, Harry Styles’ second offering, Fine Line, being made available on December 13th and Niall Horan working on the follow-up to his 2017 Flicker, the One Direction members are firmly in solo mode.

As our conversation meandered toward the split of the band and what life was like for Tomlinson after exiting the world of One Direction— which was all that he had known for the entirety of his adult life up until that point—a sense of honest emotion entered his voice, a moment that seemingly suggested that this permanent change was something that was taken from his own control: “It was good to be back doing normal things but I wasn’t ready for the band to go on a break and it came as a shock for me,” Tomlinson exclusively told Far Out Magazine. “It definitely wasn’t my choice but I understand why the decision was made and there’s a good argument for that. I’m enjoying expressing myself now but it rocked me for a time and for a bit and I didn’t know what I was going to do,” he said, vehemently.

From the tone in his voice, it is obvious that the subject is still a relatively raw one for Tomlinson who initially struggled to find the right sound for him following the split of the band—a factor stemmed from his initial reluctance to move solo. From the gravitas of the moment to the importance of his first steps back into music, it was clear that Tomlinson wasn’t ready to be going out on his own so soon after the band’s breakup—a learning curve which other members of the group seemed to overcome in different ways.

The 27-year-old does acknowledge that during the final One Direction tour he began to accept that the break was inevitable, admitting: “It had kind of been brewing and we knew the conversation might be coming around but it was just one of those things. It was always going to happen, we were always gonna take a break, but I think there are always people who are going to take things better than others.”

Tomlinson’s solo career, which has found its feet with emphatic effect and is currently flying high with a sold-out world tour and highly-anticipated debut on the horizon, was something that the singer himself had never initially envisioned. With Tomlinson originally wanting to take a back seat in the music industry following the end of the band, he revealed exclusively to Far Out: “I’m not gonna lie it hit me hard but it definitely inspired me to get on with my own solo career because it wasn’t something I was always going to do. I was just going to write songs and just hopefully send them to other people and stuff like that but everything happens for a reason, so they say anyway.”

Our full feature with Louis Tomlinson will be available on Friday so remember to check back in with us then to read the interview in its entirety.

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