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Louis CK set to release Pay-What-You-Want live album

In a move that further endears the comic to many hearts, Louis CK has announced that he will release an entirely audio LP of his Madison Square Garden performance which will follow the Pay-What-You-Want model adopted by many artists looking to connect with their audience.

The album is available from his website with prices ranging from $1 to $85 with the standard being $5. It comes as some relief for fans of his FX show Louie which the performer has said he will be taking a ”long hiatus” from.

The album isn’t a new idea, with CK releasing an album in January Live At The Comedy Store and many previous artists adopting this method before television and DVD options were so easy to come by. Look for Richard Pryor and George Carlin for some of the best.

Take a look at his Live At The Comedy Store and see what a treat you could be in for, all for the price of a large Steak pie or a Steak Bake from Greggs – your choice.

Order here.