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(Credit: Louis and the Shakes)


Louis and the Shakes drop new single 'On One'

Louis and the Shakes - 'On One'

London-based rock and rollers Louis and the Shakes have released their latest single, the swaggering and riff-heavy ‘On One’.

One part old school hard rock strut, two parts futuristic blues shuffle, ‘On One’ is the platonic ideal for anyone feeling like they need some no frills meat-and-potatoes guitar music. If you like Royal Blood or Arctic Monkeys but sometimes feel like they stray too far from their roots, Louis and the Shakes can fill that void in your rock and roll heart.

Lyrically, the song reads like what a Hells Angel would probably want to be engraved on his tombstone: “I’m a lone rider with a point to prove/I got fire in my belly and smoke in my lungs.” Maybe you’re more into self-aggrandising: “I was born under the red moon when God shook hands with the Devil/The deal was made and the damage done now I’m on a next level.” The lyrics provided in the YouTube description even transcribe this wonderful couplet: “Oooo wooo hooo/Ohhh ohhh!/Woohooo wohooo/Ooooo yeeeeah ahhhhh.”

It looks ridiculous on paper, but goddamn if the band don’t sell it like it’s the word of God himself. Rock and roll is big, dumb, silly, and stupid to its core, but it’s also awesome, powerful, and inspirational at its best, and the bands who embrace all of that and attack with uncontainable confidence are the ones who really get it. Louis and the Shakes get it.

“This song is for those who want to make something of this life,” the band say in a press release for the single. “Hold your head high, ride the waves. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, just yourself.”

The song is the latest preview of the band’s upcoming debut LP How Bad Do You Want It?, and if all the tracks featured have half the swagger and sway of ‘On One’, then it’s set to be a rollicking good time.

Check out the video for ‘On One’ down below.