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Credit: Alamy


The surreal moment a fan bit Lou Reed on the bottom

Every celebrity in showbiz has had their fair share of crazy fan stories. It’s inevitable. It doesn’t matter when or where, there will always be some people who take the ‘being-a-fanatic’ thing a little too far. From being followed to the most random places to being ambushed, being hounded or even being attacked – celebrities are susceptible to all these occurrences one way or the other, no matter how many bodyguards they’re surrounded by.

And let’s be honest. There’s only so much security one can employ, and still, it wouldn’t be enough. The fans always find a way. While most of the fans respect the artists’ personal space, there are some others who look at it as an opportunity to get closer to the celebrity and are determined to do anything under any circumstances to get what they want.

Especially now, with social media and other technological advancements being a crucial development of recent times, it has made the job of figuring out every little detail about the lives and whereabouts of the icons a lot more effortless. Still, that doesn’t mean the pre-1990’s celebrities had it any easier. Even before the internet became a thing, there are plenty of stories of crazy fan-celeb rendezvous which, if we start telling you now, we’re pretty sure you’ll be here for the rest of the day, and probably longer.

So, we’re going to focus on just one. We’re going to take you back to the time when Lou Reed, one of the most distinctive and influential musicians of all time, was bitten on the arse by a fan while he was performing on stage at the Century Theatre in Buffalo, New York. The incident took place on the 24th of March 1973, just a day after his performance at the Palace Concert Theatre that was supported by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band.

But, back to the story, now. So, there Reed was up on the stage, with his band playing behind him while he performed the classic Velvet Underground song ‘Waiting for The Man’ when this one guy decided to intervene by doing something rather rebellious. As accounts from witnesses go, the man, whose identity remains unknown, screamed “Leather!” at the top of his voice, breached security and headed straight for Reed’s bottom and bit him there.

The security promptly intervened (alas, not quick enough to prevent the man from going savage on Reed), and the fan was subsequently expelled from the premises. Reed, apparently unfazed or probably deciding not to devote much thought to it, continued with his performance after the rather shocking and positively disturbing incident. He finished the concert and later commented on the incident saying, “America seems to breed real animals.”

We’re not entirely sure why the fan targeted Reed’s butt out of all things, nor are we certain what “leather” (the word the fan shouted, like a war-cry almost) was supposed to hint at, but for Reed, the whole affair was no doubt a real pain in the ass.