(Credit: Lou Hayter / Elise Michely / Press)


Lou Hayter shares new song 'Telephone'


Lou Hayter, London’s premier expert on dance-punk and pop-rock, has released the new song ‘Telephone’.

Hayter might be scheduled to release her debut record, Private Sunshine, in May, but she’s not a newcomer to the music scene. Previously the keyboardist in New Young Pony Club, Hayter currently collaborates with Air’s JB Dunckel as Tomorrow’s World, who released their self-titled debut in 2013.

Private Sunshine was also the name of a song Hayter released last year, so the promotion involved with the release of her debut album is a bit of a slow burn.

“I started making pop tunes in hip hop kind of way by sampling and looping and then it opened up a whole new world of making music for me,” Hayter says in the song’s press release. “‘Telephone’ is one of the first ones I made like this. I love the vibe it has, it’s a nice laid back summery tune. The sax solo was the cherry on top.”

Any chance for me to rave about a sweet sax solo is very much welcomed. There’s not a single solitary piece of music that hasn’t been improved by adding a saxophone to it, with the sole exception of The Psychedelic Furs song ‘Pretty in Pink’ re-recording for the film of the same name, but I digress. No need to worry: the sax is perfect here.

The slinky funk of ‘Telephone’ is already primed for a silly, super catchy solo, and I’m so happy that Hayter skirted the modern trend of the synthesizer solo to go in a more explicitly woodwind direction. It plays into the songs ’80s aesthetic perfectly and comes just as the song is primed to explode with infectious energy. Great arranging, great songwriting. Just great everything.

Check out the official audio to ‘Telephone’ down below. Private Sunshine is set for a May 28th release.