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Los Camepsinos! New video is the best thing you’ll see today


The brand new video from Los Camepsinos! Sees the band take on, what we can only assume is, one of their favourite shows ‘Bargain Hunt’ as they go all daytime telly on us for the new video to accompany track ‘5 Flucloxacillin’, taken from the new album Sick Scenes, which comes out on Friday.

The track itself deals with a lot heftier issues than the smiling faces of the thriftiest show on telly may may lead you to believe but it doesn’t take away from what is a bloody brilliant video. The video sees the band become fully fledged bargain hunters, adorned with the classic fleece and disingenuous love for antiques.

Here’s what the band said when speaking to Noisey about the video. “Doing music videos is something that we as a band absolutely dread, from concept to filming, and especially having to watch ourselves back. However, being stars of daytime TV is something we’ve always dreamed of. What we’ve ended up with is surely one of the most emotionally impactful clips in music video history, perfectly capturing the highs and lows of a life devoted to bargain hunting.”

Watch the video below and have a smile for its entirety.

Spoiler alert: The red team win.