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(Credit: New Line Cinema)


'The Lord of the Rings' cast reunites almost 20 years after first film

Often regarded as one of the greatest trilogies ever made and among the most successful book adaptations, Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films remain a vital part of the public consciousness. It has been more than 20 years since The Fellowship of the Ring and the central cast reunited to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Dominic Monaghan, the actor who played Merry, took to Instagram to write about the reunion and said that it was a “successful” get-together. The post read: “It was another one of those successful smash it out of the park kick it into row Z slap my arse and call me lucy any of it was recorded none of us would work again…..meal’s [sic].”

The Lord of the Rings fans are currently expecting a television series which has already garnered mixed responses from the fan base due to certain artistic choices. Set to premiere on Amazon Prime this September, the series will explore the world created by Tolkien and is set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

“Both Patrick and I have religious backgrounds,” showrunner J. D. Payne said while talking about the approach to this new series and their artistic sensibilities. “I spent a lot of time just reading those sacred texts. I was an English major at Yale and loved Shakespeare at the time and still go back and reread the various plays.”

Adding, “I’ve also spent a lot of time studying Hebrew poetry and parallelism and inverted parallelism and chiasmus and all these cool rhetorical strategies that poets and prophets from thousands of years ago would use to communicate sacred material. And Tolkien, sometimes, will play in that kind of a sandbox.”

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