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Looking back at rare photos of The Beatles last recording session in 1969

Although many people will always associate the last ever Beatles song as the brilliant ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ (it’s quite possibly our favourite ever) actually the last song the band ever recorded as a foursome was ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ a stark love song John Lennon wrote for Yoko Ono.

The date was August 20th, 1969 and it would prove to be, though the fab four were likely unaware of it, the last time the band were together in the studio together.

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Though the band would go to a photo session just two days later on the grounds of John’s estate, we’re very happy to have found and bring you the final photographs of the boys in the studio, recording the last over dubs to John’s song for Yoko.

So while this session at Abbey Road studios for the LP of the same name was just before the infamous “split letter”, the photos have a slight hollowness and obvious tension to them that feels very poignant looking back.

(Via: Feel Numb)