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Credit: Paul Hudson


London's legendary punk venue The 100 Club has been saved


In a joyous turn of events, Westminster Council has granted the iconic punk venue The 100 Club 100% Business Rates Relief which should guarantee the venue a greater chance at survival.

The legendary venue has been fighting for survival for long over a decade as it struggled to match the rates requested to reside on London’s Oxford Street. With benefit shows and social campaigns proving to be insufficient to ensure the venue’s future. But now it seems their campaign has finally won out with Westminster Council’s decision.

Though its place on the musical history books is undeniable, providing the fruitful proving grounds of punk and cementing its status as ‘world famous’, but now it seems its future is guaranteed as well.

The council’s decision sees Oxford Street’s anti-establishment heart offered 100% Business Rate Relief from April 1st, 2020. It means the overhead costs for the iconic venue will now be reduced by over £70,000 per year.

Louder Than War share’s the council’s statement: “Westminster Council has made the 100 Club the first ever Grassroots Music Venue to be awarded Localism Relief. This award means that the venue will now be given 100% Business Rates relief for the entire time it remains at its current location at 100 Oxford Street, its home since 1942.

The statement continued: “This forward thinking move by the local authority means that after a decade of financial turmoil and struggle the venue can, at last, move forward and continue its work, secure in the knowledge that there is now a much greater chance of sustainability.”

Listen below to just one of The 100 Club’s notorious moments, as Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols tear down the stage and light the fuse of punk.