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(Credit: London Grammar)


London Grammar releases new single 'America'


London Grammar, the preeminent purveyors of English dream pop, have already announced their third album, California Soil. Now, continuing with the Yankee spirit, the group have released the album’s closing track, America.

“Ironically I kind of wrote it as a goodbye to all the songs that I thought I wouldn’t write because I wasn’t sure if I was really cut out for the [music] industry or… my own personal American dream,” frontwoman Hannah Reid told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “So I remember writing that song, it just came out so quickly and I was crying at the piano and then I thought, you know, I’m just going to play it to the boys, but I don’t think I can make another album again. And I played it to the boys and then, sure enough, they played me something.”

It would have been a real bummer if Reid had called it quits. London Grammar have released two fantastically blissed-out albums so far, 2013’s If You Wait and 2017’s Truth is a Beautiful Thing. Now, with California Soil, the band is setting their sights on the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave: an endless wasteland. At least that’s what Reid seems to indicate in the lyrics.

On ‘America’ Reid sings of chasing the American Dream as if it’s a figment of her imagination, a concept that isn’t too far from the truth. “But all of our time chasing America/She never had a home for me/All of our time chasing a dream/A dream that meant nothing to me.” The parties and beautiful people and hopes and dreams all eventually fade. It’s eerie and sad, but powerful and soaring as well. It reminds us not to invest in things that we don’t fully understand, or even believe really exist.

Check out the “official visualiser” for ‘America’ down below. California Soil is set for an April 16th release date.