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(Credit: Bryan C. Palker)


Loma share new video for Dinner cover 'Going Out'


Loma, the Texas-based indie rock band, have released a cover of Going Out’, a track by the Danish pop singer Dinner.

“Songs are like cats—sometimes they just pick you,” Loma’s Dan Duszynski said in a press release. “Emily and I first heard ‘Going Out’ while we were playing at a record store in Austin a few years ago. I went to the counter to ask who it was, and the album [Dinner’s Three EPs] is still in rotation at our home/studio. We couldn’t resist making our own version because it always cheers us up. Who doesn’t need that right now?”

The song also comes with a brand new video directed and edited by lead singer Emily Cross. Featuring languid pastoral images, the band traverses through open fields, flower patches, wooded areas, and finally a calm and serene beach setting, where Cross decides to rush into the open waters as the last remnant of the song fades away.

Dinner’s original version of ‘Going Out’ has a more direct post-punk punch to it, with a vocal line that lies somewhere between the bizarre impasse of Morrissey and Rammstein’s Till Lindemann. It’s gothic and highly disconcerting, but also weirdly alluring. “Do you feel like going out tonight?” quickly becomes: “We are going out tonight”, now a command instead of a suggestion. Loma’s version is a little less intimidating and aggressive but retains the insistent energy of the original.

Loma first came to the indie world’s attention through their self-titled 2018 debut. That album, filled with world music influences and stacked harmonies and spooky synths, was indie-pop with a darker edge. That same kind of style was perfected on the band’s follow up, 2020’s Don’t Shy Away. Loma are still an underground and lesser-known entity, but they have an incredibly solid, if slightly abbreviated, discography behind them, with hopefully more to come.

Check out the video for ‘Going Out’ down below.