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(Credit: Aranxa Esteve)


Lollapalooza co-founder doesn't expect live music back before 2022

Mark Geiger, the co-founder of the major music festival Lollapalooza, has revealed that he doesn’t believe that live music will return before 2022.

Geiger is no longer involved in the running of the festival so his remarks don’t directly affect plans for next year’s Lollapalooza. That said, if his comments are anything to go by, then festivals next year will be up in the air.

Former WME global head of music/Lollapalooza co-founder Geiger said on the Bob Lefsetz Podcast that he doesn’t expect live music to resume “late ’21, more likely ’22” when the host asked him the timeframe for when concerts would resume, adding that “the whole thing is a shit show.”

Geiger also explains that “the next six months may be more painful than the last six months, and maybe the next six months after that are even more so,” and adds that if he’s right about the timeframe, there will be “massive amount of bloodshed, bankruptcies, and won’t be good for the majority of the industry.”

Geiger’s reasons are not just the virus itself but more significantly insurers for live events due to the potential consequences that could occur of carrying out whilst the virus is still prevalent. The future of live music still looks unknown, with many events being rescheduled for next Spring at the very earliest.

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