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(Credit: L'objectif)


L'objectif release latest single 'Burn Me Out'


Leeds gloom punks L’objectif have previewed their upcoming debut EP Have It Your Way with their second single of 2021, ‘Burn Me Out’.

Swimming in some solid shoegaze-adjacent effects, ‘Burn Me Out’ builds on the momentum that the band initially set with the pulse-pounding single ‘Drive in Mind’.

“I originally wrote the main structure for ‘Burn Me Out’ over a year ago and it forever stayed as an old idea until recently when I decided to sit down and give it some attention,” singer Saul Kane explained. “All I had was a chorus melody and the chord progression but the lyrical theme and subject found me in the end. The song is about dependency in a relationship and the constant cycle of habits that it entails, but it can be about anything that you rely on.”

This also seems like a good time to bring up the lost art of the guitar solo. Guitar solos, at least in modern music, are not cool. They’re not exactly extinct, and there’s no solid demarcation line for when they went out of style because they’ve never fully gone away, but they’re certainly not en vogue anymore.

Guitarist Dan Richardson, certainly not terribly preoccupied with what’s cool or not, busts out a fluid octave jumping solo to propel the band into its final post-chorus. The solo is purposeful, playful, and gives the song a unique character, all elements that flashier and more egotistical guitar players have ignored over the past 70 years, which I surmise is why guitar solos are now synonymous with dinosaurs and dodos. Bottom line: if you’re gonna have a solo, make sure it works with, not against, the song, just like this solo makes ‘Burn Me Out’ notable among 40 other indie songs I heard today for the first time.

Check out the audio for ‘Burn Me Out’ down below. Have It Your Way will be released sometime in July.