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(Credit: Lizzo / Press)


Lizzo announces first new music in two years with 'Rumors'

American pop star Lizzo has announced her return with ‘Rumors’, the artist’s first new music in nearly two years.

Hot take: everything went to shit after Lizzo released Cuz I Love You in April 2019. Can you take yourself back to the summer of 2019, which occurred roughly ten years ago, and imagine the optimism, the promise, and joy of life and freedom of choice we all had at that time. Little did we know it was not to last.

Sure, we got to see the reign of ‘Truth Hurts’, and the subsequent reappraisal of songs like ‘Juice’ and ‘Good as Hell’ (the best song on Cuz I Love You, ‘Soulmate’, is still sadly underappreciated), and the tour de force that was Lizzo performing a flute solo at the Grammy’s. But where did it get us as a society? Nowhere closer to harmony. Wear a damn mask, because Lizzo said so.

Also, did you know that Bonnaroo has never had a woman headline the festival until Lizzo takes that honour this year? Isn’t that bananas? Isn’t that either a tremendous oversight or weirdly sexist? Didn’t Halsey play Bonnaroo in 2016? Didn’t Lorde play Bonnaroo in 2017? Didn’t Dua Lipa play the 2018 version of the festival? Were they not headliners? New information brings up disturbing unanswered questions.

Anyway, ‘Rumors’ is set to be released on August 13th. Does that mean a new album is on the way? Who’s to say, but no new information has leaker or been officially released as of now. For the time being, let’s just go back mentally to Summer 2019: Lizzo is urging you to be yourself no matter what, the term “coronavirus” has not entered our vocabulary, and the world looks bright. It’s so beautiful, so possible then, so impossible now. Save us, Lizzo. You’re our only hope.