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Lizzie and the Yes Men – Unstoppable


I’m in a shit mood. It’s nearly 1am and I’ve been working at the same desk, staring at the same screen since 8am yesterday. I’m more than ready to unleash it all on Lizzie and the Yes Men in this review. What sort of name is that anyway? It’s because of ‘yes men’ that I’m still sitting here.

Annoyingly though, I can’t help but like Unstoppable, the bands new single. The bass beats like the heart of a teenager kissing their first love, but Twiggy-esque Lizzie Holdforth quickly takes things from innocent pecking to full on dry humping. ‘I can tell that you want me/I can see that you need me’, she coos over wailing guitars and tight backing vocals inspired by sixties surf rock and good old British punk.

Along with the tag of ‘next big thing’ on Britain’s surf-rock scene comes all the seaside clichés. Yes, this band is making waves. Yes, they’ve got a strong current of support and yes, Lizzie would look fantastic in a bikini. But a mature mod look and Tarantino inspired sound is helping them piss all over the clichés like they’re jellyfish stings.

Unstoppable is passionate and flirty. Sexy and soulful. Sultry and sweet. But above everything it’s incredibly confident. This is the sound of a band that knows what it’s doing and where it’s heading and, with hooks this catchy and rifts this energetic, you can’t help but want to go with them.

Jason Scott