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(Credit: Liz Lawrence)


Liz Lawrence shares new single 'Drive'

Liz Lawrence - 'Drive'

British singer-songwriter Liz Lawrence has released the latest taste of her upcoming third LP, The Avalanche, with the new single ‘Drive’.

With a synthesized backing track and a sleek push and pull between the electronic and pop elements, the song is propulsive and laid back at the same time. That doesn’t make much sense, but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear it.

Lyrically, the song seems to be about the anxieties of relying so heavily on modern technology. “The more I know about it/The less I know about it/The more I want to know less about it.” I can’t tell if that’s deep or complete gibberish, but it comes wrapped in an earworm melody, so I’m not complaining.

Lawrence knows the power of that chorus at intelligently keeps returning to it. At just two and a half minutes, she leaves no fat or space for indulgence. With just a single repeating verse, the chorus, and a bridge with some wacky vocal effects, Lawrence keeps everything perfectly concise. This is pop music done right.

“I feel like there’s power and aggression in the way I perform live, and I wanted to capture that on The Avalanche,” Lawrence explains. “It was a complete pleasure to write. I’d had all that anxiety around releasing Pity Party after such a long period of not writing under my own name. But I was buzzing off the fact that people were receptive to it live, and it gave me so much confidence to make this.”

The last time we checked in with Lawrence was for her droll and slightly ironic single ‘Down for Fun’, which I enjoyed quite a bit. She’s released a few more singles from The Avalanche in the interim, and as the release date gets closer and closer, the full picture of a buzzy electronica influenced album gets more and more clear. I’m excited, and you should be too.

Check out the audio for ‘Drive’ down below. The Avalanche is set for a September 17 release date.