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LIVE: The Lucid Dream - Band on the Wall, Manchester

Regular readers will know that The Lucid Dream have been one of our favourites for a while now, not least since we premiered their daring new single ‘SX1000’ a few weeks back.

We’ve mused aplenty in past reviews of how this enthralling four-piece shift from swashbuckling psych to pulsating electronica at the drop of a hat, but this comeback single from a band that never went away even took us by surprise. In the best way possible of course.

The track truly takes us back to the second summer of love – an explosion of acid house rhythm that serves as a huge middle figure to the convention of genres. That said, the release does fill us with a certain amount of intrigue when we arrive for a live review of a band who blew us away at The Deaf Institute last year.

This time around it’s Band on the Wall – a venue steeped in history, with a revamped sound system that is pretty much unrivalled for its size.

It’s the new material that’s hits us first too, with ‘SX1000’ – freshly released on 12″ earlier in the day – morphing seamlessly into an instant live classic. Never have Carlisle and Chicago sat said-by-side so gloriously.

From there on in, it really is the kind of occasion that warms the heart, with a room (despite being around 350-capacity) that feels as if it is packed full of people who have been willing The Lucid Dream on from the start.

Sporadic trips into dub and stoner rock paint yet an even more vibrant picture, with the band looking visibly convinced that this has been something of a milestone of a gig. Fist-pumps and triumphant applause are dealt out mutually by audience and band.

There’s a typically straight-up address from singer Mark Emmerson, who announces “we’re gonna play one more, fuck off, then come back”.

Whether or not this gig was already full of Lucid Dream converts, the entire building will sure as hell leave as such. With festival shows including Kendal Calling coming up this year, too, it’s surely about time this juggernaut of a live band were topping bills up and down the country.