Live: The Cribs, The Foundry - Sheffield


On Saturday night Wakefield cult heroes The Cribs brought their 24/7 Rockstar Shit tour to Sheffield’s Foundry for an incredible sweat filled night bursting with nostalgia.

The group’s seventh record was produced by Nirvana producer Steve Albini, the recording process was completed in less than a week and captured the essence of the trio’s first two records.

I’ve seen the Yorkshire band of brothers on plenty of occasions over the years and they never fail to blow me away. Whether this be during a main-stage slot at Leeds Festival, at their massive homecoming show at Leeds’ Millennium Square or somewhere smaller like Saturday’s sold-out Foundry show in Sheffield which provided an intimate setting for the Jarman’s, encapsulating the gorilla underground spirit of 24/7 Rockstar Shit immaculately.

The trio travelled back to 2005 and opened with euphoric fan-favourite ‘The Wrong Way to Be’ from The New Fellas which got the show started with an old-school vibe, then dived straight in to 2012’s ‘Come On Be A No One’, followed by the indie-disco stalwart ‘Men’s Needs’, it goes without saying that this hectic trio of tracks certainly got the crowd warmed up.

Ryan Jarman was on exquisite form despite admitting he was close to losing his voice, the guitarist gave it everything and left nothing on stage. He light-heartedly informed the crowd when he brought out his acoustic out that this was the band’s new direction as “this is the only way we’ll get on Radio these days or Number 1 on the Spotify chart.” He then proceeded in rolling back the years and gifting the crowd to spine-tingling versions of ‘Shoot the Poets’ and ‘It Was Only Love’, which provided a short melancholic break from the sweat filled pit.

The Jarman’s aired five tracks from their seventh record, with the new additions to the set-list slotting in perfectly next to the old-school classics, the ferocious ‘In Your Palace’ stood out as a stand-out moment of the night.

Sheffield was privileged to experience a special outing of ‘Uptight’, which the Wakefield trio have only ever performed once before in 2012, which got a killer reaction from the crowd. The crowd sang the chorus in perfect harmony with bassist Gary Jarman, demonstrating the love their fans have for every single song.

‘Another Number’ provided another magnificent moment in the evening, which was then followed by the equally glorious ‘Be Safe’ which features a spoken word performance from legendary Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo, who was projected on a big screen to a rousing reception.

The night finishes with the same track as their latest record 24/7 Rockstar Shit with the distorted mayhem of ‘Broken Arrow’ as the Jarman brothers left the stage they give their instruments a good old fashion battering and finished the gig in style, leaving the fans yearning for more.

The Cribs always put on a real rock ‘n’ roll show, this time was no different and for my money there aren’t many better live acts in the country.

Wakefield’s finest export since Jane McDonald are on the road across Britain for the next week, be sure to get yourself down to a show, they won’t leave you disappointed.

The Cribs tour dates are:

23rd Jan – Dundee, Fat Sam’s
25th Jan – Middlesborough, The Empire
26th Jan – Hull, Asylum
27th Jan – Coventry, Empire